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10 Key Places to Build Links for SEO

One of the toughest things about SEO is the challenge of building inbound links. On the one hand, you need plenty of links coming into your site to increase visibility and improve your rankings, but on the other side of the coin is the danger of building bad links that can result in penalties and problems for Dublin businesses. If you are concerned about where to get your inbound links, try these 10 strategies.

  1. Educational Sites

Domains ending in .edu are among the safest places you can get your inbound links. Authoritative sources are chiefly targeted and rightly so; if you can get inbound links from these sites you will be onto a winner.

  1. Government Sites

It can be very tough to get links on these sites but if you are involved in the community, or if you are sponsoring some government initiative, it is possible. Look into the possibility of links from Dublin government sites and plan a strategy to secure these valuable links.

  1. Industry Forums

Forums related to your industry are good places for link building but be careful not to spam the forum or go against the posting rules – most have rules about not using commercial links in forum discussions. Your goal on forums should be to add value to the discussion, and include your URL in your signature. You can also write an answer to a question in the form of a blog post and link the discussion to this post.

  1. Industry Blogs

Posting a guest post on a related industry blog is a great way to build links and also helps to build your reputation in the industry and your brand.

  1. Blogs on Your Area of Expertise

When it comes to seo Dublin businesses need to look further afield – don’t just focus on industry blogs but find blogs that cover a topic you have expertise in, and ask to guest post or get involved in the discussions.

  1. Social Media

Links on social media also work, although they have slightly less weight than links in blogs or on the web. Getting involved in as many social media channels as you can helps build links but also assists in building your brand and expertise.

  1. Video Sharing Websites

Adding links to videos that you upload on YouTube and similar is a good way to build your profile and build links. If your videos go viral, even better.

  1. Social Bookmarking Sites

Reddit, Digg, and StumbleUpon are good ways of getting links and additional visibility, as are RSS directories.

  1. Wiki Sites

Be careful to abide by the rules of adding links, but if you add your links successfully to Wiki sites you increase traffic and visibility in an easy way.

  1. Audio Sharing Sites

Don’t forget about sites like SoundCloud as a place to receive valuable backlinks by uploading sound files.

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