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How Wearable Technology Might Impact Driving

Wearable technology is the current darling of the technology industry. It was all over CES2014, and it seems that every tech company worth its salt has some kind of smart watch, glasses or belt buckle in the works. This is ...

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Transforming Your Company to Photo voltaic Energy

Before transforming your company to photo voltaic energy, you need to make certain that you’re creating a seem fiscal investment. Going photo voltaic constitutes a great statement for your clients regarding your environment awareness, however, you justifiably wish to make ...

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Take Proper care of Your Voice

In public places speaking, you will find an array of factors to be considered for any good presentation: speaking gradually enough to become understood, organizing your points, and obvious pronunciation simply to title a couple of. However, one factor that’s ...

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Why Minimalism and Technology Go Hand in Hand

Minimalism is a design concept that is gaining a lot of popularity lately and that has been fashionable now for a fair amount of time. Essentially the idea behind minimalism is to remove anything extraneous so that all that remains ...

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Reasons to Put Your Mouse on the Left – And Other Great Ways to Enhance Productivity by Using Your Computer Differently

Want to quickly increase your productivity, creativity and efficiency? Then a simple tip you can use is to move your mouse and put it on your left. How can this possibly work you ask? Well for starters it forces you ...

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