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5 Modern Technology Solutions for Your Home

Humans have always relied on technology to make life easier.  Of course, in primitive times, technology involved the wheel, levers, and even fire; all of which improve life in the simplest and most practical ways. Today, obviously, technology is involved in pretty much every aspect of our lives, benefitting us in ways that our prehistoric ancestors would never have been able to imagine.

Think about a typical day in your life: how much technology do you use?  Is technology involved with some aspects that you don’t even realize?


Obviously, mobile phones are somewhat prolific in today’s world. There is almost no place in the world where mobile phones are not common or, at least, somewhat in use. This is a class of technology that was not even around just a few decades ago!


Motion security lights were popular maybe 15 years ago but today it is more common for people to install networked security cameras that can stream and record images and video footage to your computer or even an app on your mobile phone! Full home security systems can be expensive, but Hikvision cameras in strategic places might be enough to provide adequate deterrence or evidence should you need to address any security concerns.


Along with cameras, you can also install sensors in your home that detect intruders, temperature shifts, or even the presence of toxins like carbon monoxide.  Installing even one home sensor could, in fact, mean the difference between life and death in certain emergencies.


From cameras to smart bulbs and thermostats, some of the best technology you can access right now is those which allow you to control various aspects of your home remotely, probably through a mobile phone app [again].  This will allow you to turn lights on or off or to control the temperature: pretty much anything that is connected to your home network.


Another aspect of home tech that you can probably control from your mobile phone are smart door locks. These locks replace your traditional locks with devices that are connected to your home network. This allows for you to control them remotely, too, so you can lock your doors if you think you may have forgot or unlock the doors as you approach, perhaps making it easier to carry in furniture or a load of groceries!

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