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5 Troublesome Problems You Might Face When Using Cloud Storage Solutions

Cloud storage is all the rage these days and even though they offer a valuable service they don’t come without their problems. It’s the same with every other business on the planet, but today we’re going to look at some things you should consider in regards to the safety of your data.

People accessing your data

Let’s say you pop out of your office and you leave your computer switched on. Anyone could easily walk up to your desk and access the data stored inside a desktop folder and they could steal anything. I’m not saying this is likely to happen, but I bet it’s happened to some people and that makes it a threat. At least when your data is stored on an external hard drive you can stick it in a locked drawer, or you can keep your most sensitive data on a small USB stick and carry it around with you.

You don’t have a backup solution

If you survey a thousand people I bet you would realize most of them have all their data stored on the servers of one cloud hosting company. That is almost as crazy as walking into a casino and putting all your money down on red. If you have all your eggs in one basket and something goes wrong you’ll be in big trouble and you could lose everything. If you’re smart you will keep everything stored with at least 2 companies as the odds of both of them losing your data at the same time are a million to one.

Synchronizing with other devices

You have to be careful because one of the big benefits of cloud storage solutions is the ability to access your data from anywhere. What will happen if you’re out of the office and you can’t synchronize your mobile device with your online storage account. In 99% of cases it will just mean you’ll have to wait until you get back to your desk to get what you want, but in certain cases you might be desperate to access a file and you won’t be able to do anything about it.

Going out of business

This isn’t going to be a big problem if you choose a reputable cloud storage company, but don’t forget that far too many businesses disappear every year and a lot of them are tech startups. If a company goes bust you might not be able to do anything with the data they currently have on their servers. If you have important data you can’t afford to lose it means it’s valuable, so that means you shouldn’t go with an unproven company because they’re cheap or they offer you more free storage space.

Sharing space with other users

Everything you store on your own physical hard drives is yours and you don’t have to share space with anyone else, which is reassuring because it means you’re in charge of your own destiny. You never know what is going on in the cloud and your data could be saved on servers along with the data of many people. What will happen if one of your files accidentally finds its way into one of their folders? It’s maybe unlikely but having everything backed up on your own hard drives is just common sense.

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