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8 Tips for Building Brand on a Budget

Cheltenham town centre is booming, and retailers are jostling for position in the key spaces on the High Street. Stores are striving to snap up empty units in the centre of town and revamp their current stores. Brands like Ann Summers and Vision Express are looking to expand and relocate to more prominent locations. Good news for the high street brands but what if your Cheltenham business is a bit smaller, and you can’t afford a place on the high street? The good news is you can still create a memorable brand, even on a shoestring. Here are some tips for brand building on a budget in Cheltenham and beyond.

  1. Create an Emotional Connection

Brands are built not on money and commerce but on emotional connection – great news for the smaller player. Make sure that your colours, your tag line, your font, and your overall style create a positive emotional connection with the target audience.

  1. Consider Your Tone

Tone is very important when it comes to branding and it will affect what you sell and how you sell it. Start with a brand strategy to work out what this tone will be, and continue to refer to your strategy as you undertake new marketing initiatives.

  1. Don’t Discount PR

Buying expensive print ads in the magazines your target audience reads often does not pay out as successfully as having a journalist write about your product or service. Reach out to journalists by giving them a good story, backed up with facts and figures.

  1. Don’t Stress Being the Underdog

Embrace your status as the underdog – you don’t need to be one of the biggest players on the block. You do need to embrace your small, quirky uniqueness. People are looking for smaller and independent alternatives to the major brands – use this in you favour.

  1. Start With Great Content Online

You don’t need to be the biggest brand to create the best content. Local Cheltenham businesses have an equal chance of creating great online content and if you can then spread it via social media you are onto a winner.

  1. Make the Most of Online Design

When you are looking for graphic design Cheltenham offers a range of options like montpellier-creative.com so you can get a revamped brand identity on a reasonable budget. Remember to keep your visual identity simple, clear, and powerful.

  1. Make the Most of Free Marketing

You don’t have to have much of a budget to build a brand. Set up a free blog, run a survey using free software, write your own press releases to send to journalists, have photography students do your photos in exchange for building their portfolio, publish eBooks, and host events.

  1. Keep it Simple and Do it Well

Remember, strong brands come from a strong product and by doing things well. If you are offering a genuinely great service or product, your brand will grow naturally. Keep your messages simple, offer great customer service, keep all information direct and to the point, and you will see your brand image improve. Deliver core value in every little detail.

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