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Email marketing still works?

Most people associate the email marketing spam. People also believe that email marketing is an old-fashioned strategy. So, email is effective, yet marketing? Here we give you a whole series of arguments to say that email campaigns are still a good strategy and we will give clues about how to make effective email marketing.

So let’s go over some points that I think are important, especially if you are just getting into this fascinating -and surprisingly excited- world of Internet advertising. Although not have to work directly with email marketing, we need to know your basics, ways to make a successful campaign, no matter the position we have.

  • The content is all: try to think of email marketing like we were writing an email to a person who does not know.What it is, in essence, what we do with these actions? We have to be offering something that motivates people to open our mail, to read what we are saying, to be interested in the things we’re offering. If it is badly drafted, designed unattractive way, then we are wasting our money. Newsletter content should be good enough to attract the reader.


  • Planning is important: an electronics store used to send your email marketing at 2 am every Monday.For a few weeks was something completely annoying, but I realized after a while, was opening the mail, looking at the contents, informing about the brand. Because, basically, I do not get too many emails at 2 am, I have nothing else to do but perhaps write some things, and I can devote my attention to this. I do not mean that we have to send our email marketing at two o’clock, but keep in mind that there is a whole team of people planning at what times is better to send emails to have a better open rate.
  • Building relationships: although some lines ago we talked about the difference between communication and trade, do we have to face our email marketing strategy as a “sell sell sell.”It is important to connect with users through emails and build a relationship that involves a mark on the memory. As this electronics store, he built a relationship with me guessing my absurd times.
  • Users are not stupid: in relation to the previous point, do not assume that users are fools to open everything that comes.So we talk about a level of openness, many of these people are actually opening our mail. In an extensive database, sometimes we can even celebrate if 1% of these users open the mail. So we have to be careful what we put, and not having a too aggressive sales strategy.


  • Calls subscriptions: Returning to the subject of the database, instead of buying or using databases that are not at all connected with us, we may ask our users, who are really interested in what we have to say, we leave your email. This can be done by inserting a pop up from explaining the benefits of signing up leaving him completely optional, in a sidebar.
  • Give something back: if we are to use a promotion path we have to offer something in return.Discounts, free products, things related to our brand. We learn from the success of big companies that make money by offering benefits. It is also a good way to build these relationships with our users.
  • The issue is our calling card: finally closed with an item also related to the content.A user opens the mail depending on the title, it is our opportunity to introduce and motivate them to establish this relationship. Do not do anything too boring, too long, too lazy or too descriptive. The creation of affairs for email marketing is an art.

Of course, this is just a gateway to the world of email marketing. This is an item with many twists and turns that will surely take years or even a parallel blog with dozens of posts every day, so we can cover everything. There is also an impressive amount of own jargon associated with email marketing environment in which we are also deepening.

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