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How Technology Can Help You to Move Abroad or Travel

Ever wished that life was more adventurous? That you could live abroad, or travel a little bit more? Sometimes it can feel like the last few years of your life have been nothing but the same-old-same-old with most of your time spent stuck in the office. It’s that’s the way you’re feeling, then how do you go about seeing more of the world?

Well once upon a time the only option would have been to earn a lot of money and then to quit your job. That, or look for work abroad and then go through the painful process of upending your entire life.

These days though things are a little more flexible: the world has become a lot smaller thanks to technology and these days it’s much easier to spend a few years in another country. Here’s what you need to do…

Working Abroad

If you only want to go abroad for a few months to a few years, then you may not need to find employment in that foreign country. That said though, you’re still going to need to earn a living if you hope to eat and to actually enjoy the country you’re visiting, so it’s rather important that you look at ways you can earn cash when you’re at the destination of your choosing.

Finding work is tricky when you don’t speak the language, but thankfully there is another way… which is to work online. These days working online isn’t that difficult, and there are a number of great options open to you if you want to give it a try.

For one, why not see if you can’t do your current job online? It’s actually often surprisingly easy to carry out the majority of your work online by using e-mail, cloud services and possibly video conferencing. If you speak to your boss about setting up a ‘remote work’ arrangement. Make sure that you explain to them how you’ll carry out your job as normal from another country and look into all the different software and gadgets you can use to do that. You may need to look into call forwarding and other matters and it’s a good idea to try the new setup on a temporary basis before you commit to it.

Alternatively you can just set up your own online source of income – which may be one ‘business’ or several different small business models all working at once. For instance if you can write well, or if you can draw, then you can become a freelance writer, web designer or graphic designer for webmasters which is a big market. Alternatively you could set up a blog with adverts, you could sell an ebook or app, or more.

Head to another country and you’ll find that you quickly learn how to make money online: necessity is the mother of invention after all. If you don’t quite feel comfortable doing it that way around though, then there’s no reason that you can’t try running your own online business first and then moving away once you have a reasonable enough amount of income to quit your job.

Doing Things Cheaply

If you’re going to be moving abroad then bear in mind you may need to speak with immigration consultants, but fortunately there are a lot of these you can find and speak with cheaply online.

Likewise the web can make life easier when it comes to finding accommodation. If you want to travel really cheaply and are only heading abroad for a short time, you can even consider using CouchSurfer in order to sleep on people’s couches in your country of choice and stay out there completely for free.

As you can see then, the web really has made the world much more accessible than ever before. Maybe you should start taking advantage of that fact?

Author Bio: Warren Brown is a freelance blogger and an ace creative write with many years of experience writing for top blogs. Warren has written on a myriad of topics and has written several posts for us.

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