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How to Ensure the Success of your Blogger Outreach

Let us begin with a hypothetical scenario. You have written some great posts, services or products and you wish your target audience to notice them. You can choose to spend money for the reach or earn it. If you work with bloggers, both situations will benefit you.

Nearly all bloggers are influencers, thus they can make a significant impact or reach through word of mouth in related markets. Also, bloggers are seen as important members of a community so they also get trust form their own audience. So how exactly should you go about getting in touch with bloggers and letting the public know about your post, product or content? Begin with determining the right bloggers.

Determine the Most Relevant Bloggers

This can be possible by doing a Google search, checking out blog directories or catalogues and using tools that can crawl the web and look for the right bloggers for you. There are new tools that can help you do the blogger research based on keywords that are necessary for your audience.

Set your Goals

As you create a blogger outreach strategy, you need to have defined goals which support the other aspects of your marketing efforts. Determining what you want to achieve through guest posting can guide you in your choices. It is important to have goals that will drive the kinds of publications you prefer to target.

Follow Related News and Trends

You can also find relevant bloggers if you follow topics related to your business. Google Alerts can be used to follow particular topics; however, software with topic alerts features allows you to get automatic updates which can be added directly to your sources.

Build your Blogger Contact Database over Time

After conducting blogger research, you have to ensure that you don’t lose your sources. Rather collect them and make a database of related bloggers that you can easily reach out to over time. Some available online tools come with CRM feature that let you add tags to every contact. Such tags can be helpful in filtering the right sources to carry out outreach with.

Fine Tune the Bloggers Outreach

Successful bloggers get plenty of pitches from various companies within their field. Thus, if you aim to have your message read, it is important to stand out. You do this by:

  • Ensuring your targeted blogger is related to your product.
  • Determine the benefits that you can provide the blogger who seeds your content or promote your service or product.
  • Know how your product or content suits the focus of the blogger.
  • Make a personal email

Blogger outreach customization has one drawback. That is the time needed so you can tailor the message for each blogger. With the right tool, you will be able to make and use templates which can be customized for every blogger.Assess your Content Seeding Endeavors

After making your best efforts to contact and collaborate with bloggers, it is time to assess your returns. Monitor referral traffic obtained from the websites of bloggers. The more locations you see your post, the more traffic and back links you will be able to generate for your site. Aside from doing the blogger outreach on your own, there are also blogger outreach services available to get help from.

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