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How to Get the Best Results by On-Site optimization

Search engine optimization is an incessantly changing and fast-phased industry. Any tactic that is working today may not work tomorrow in this industry. Thus, it is the basic requirement to keep on learning the new ideas and implementing the same on your website.

You can try different strategies followed by SEO experts. However, it does not mean that the strategy will definitely work for your industry as well. There are ample chance of failure and improvement. Let us discuss some SEO on-site optimization tips to get the best results from this process.

Find 404 pages

The annoying 404 pages are one of the prime reasons behind the loss of users. Giving your visitors the best navigation experience helps you in the long run. Disappointed or snappy users are no less than a curse for your industry. Visitors often leave a website due to the non availability of a page or the error 404. Make sure your website does not have any such error and none of your links are broken.

The removal of 404 pages helps you to gain:

  • Longer engagement rate
  • Increased return visit rate
  • Increased conversion rate
  • Increased trust rate

Eliminate 302 redirects

It is also one of the problems that are faced by the users. It rarely happens on websites, but is still something that should be considered while optimizing a website. In an SEO outlook, losing high quality inbound-links is definitely a grave matter (especially if the links are from educational or governmental sites).

Resolve unresponsive website designs

Although desktop users are large in numbers, the smart phones or tablet users are increasing at a huge rate. Studies have also revealed that the rate of using Smartphones for transactions and site navigation has increased in the recent years than the desktop.

Giving your user a fabulous site navigation system and appearance is also a great idea to increase traffic on your website.

Resolve canonical issues

Duplicate content issues have always been a problem for websites. Although its clear by Google guidelines that duplicate contents severely affects the ranking of a website, still this practice is continued even today. A website with the same link often uses different URLs for popularity. However, Google does not recognise it as the same link and mark the contents as duplicate.

Optimize the snippets and keywords

In real search results, the more info your website shows in the SERPs, the higher chances are for increased CTRs. It is highly important, if getting high traffic is your concern.

Ways to get started with rich snippets or structured data includes:

  • Learning about micro data
  • Starting marking-up your content
  • Testing the rich snippet
  • Properly using the keywords

Mark-up a website

Normally, this requires scheme article mark-up with the following features:

  • Headline
  • Alternative Headline
  • Image (that are crawlable and indexable)
  • Date Published
  • Description
  • Article Body


You can also include social network sharing buttons on the websites for better optimization. To get more idea on on-site optimization, you can attend an SEO Conference.

Author’s Bio:- Gabriel is an expert onsite optimization technology, and he also likes to share knowledge through his blog posts. You could also attend their SEO conference, and listen to some of the most successful SEO professionals in the industry.

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