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How to Handle the Case That Hard Drive Crashed after Partition

It is very common that users partition a disk into several partitions to save various types of data.Especially when there is more than one operating system, at least two partitions are required on the disk. So, partitioning is a morecost-effective and convenient way than purchasing another hard drive.

Reason for Hard Drive Crash

During the hard disk usage, some partitions hold much data, and there is low partition space, while some partitions are less usedand large free space is left.In order to utilize the partition reasonably, sometimes users need to resize the partition, including extending, splitting and merging partition. In general, these operations can be accomplished successfully. But users may find the hard drive crashed after partition again occasionally. Why does this happen?

Users who master some basic computer knowledge should be aware that partition table is vital to the system to read and write data on the disk. If the repartition fails, the hard drive will crash because the existing partition table has been damaged by the newly created partition table during the repartition process.

Hard drive crash (or hard drive damage) can be divided into two categories on the whole: logical damage and physical damage.Logical damage is also called soft damage, which includes track servo information error, section logical error and system information error.And physical damage involves head assembly damage, sector physical damage, and so on.If the hard drive crash belongs to logical damage, users can do something to realize data recovery.

What Should Users Do When Hard Drive Crashed after Partition

When users find the hard drive crashed after partition, some data is lost. Thus, they need data recovery software to find the lost data back. As lots of recovery software exists on the market and users have no idea which one to choose. We’d like to suggest MiniTool Power Data Recovery to them to achieve recovering data from crashed hard drive on their own. A demo will be presented to users as follows.

Open Power Data Recovery and activate “Damaged Partition Recovery” to begin the recovery.

Choose a partition (which is the damaged partition) and click “Full Scan” to scan it.

Then, users just need to tick the desired data (including files and images) and click “Save” to save them to another partition.

And this is an easy solution to the question of how to recover data from crashed hard drive raised by users. With the help of Power Data Recovery, there is no need for users to worry about data loss after hard drive crash any more.

Note: This data recovery tool support Windows OS only, if you want to work on MAC OS, please select, MiniToolmac data recovery software.

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