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How to unblock websites

Censoring content on the internet is becoming more common, and the reasons for doings so seem to be less reasonable. Many governments are now banning website they havedeemed ‘unacceptable’, but this is the internet, no one should be allowed to censor it. Other places such as schools and business will block certain websites to ensure that productivity doesn’t drop at any point when people are online.

Despite how unjust some censoring may seem, they continue to happen. Luckily there is more than you can do to help ensure you have access to any blocked website. Using the simple web proxy provided by fastproxy.link you can be surfing the entirety of the web with no pesky restrictions.

Using a proxy such as fastproxy.link opens up all content on the internet that may be blocking you. Our proxy allows a way around block websites, as using our service ensures that you are not technically visiting the website. Our proxy will do it on your behalf, allowing the content to be displayed. This means you can securely browse any blocked website and do so anonymously.

It couldn’t not be easier to use fastproxy.link, all you need to do is visit the website that you are wanting access to, then copy the URL. Once you have this, take a visit to fastproxy.link, copy the URL into the required field, and before you know it you will be given access to the once blocked website.

This is a great way to view unavailable content. Many websites establish your location through your IP address as soon as you visit their website. In many cases this blocks you from viewing certain content, such as videos. For some reason many websites will block your access to videos due to you not being in the correct region. This seems unfair in our eyes, as the internet should be accessible to everyone, with no discriminations based on location.

Ever had to fill out forms, sign up for an email or the like to try and get access to something as simple as a video or article? Well that can become a thing of the past by using our web proxy as a simple yet effective method against such rules. There’s no reason why you should be held to ransom just for some content, and we provide you with the tools to make sure it’s never a requirement again.

Whether you are at work, in school or at home, using fastproxy.link is a great and easy way of getting access to blocked websites. The fact that it is free to use, and could be more simple to work makes it a great tool allow unrivalled freedom as you browse the web.

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