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How to Use the Web for Inspiration and Hugely Improve Your Interior Design

The web is first and foremost a resource that can be used to research almost any topic. If you want to know how to get into shape, then the web can help. If you want to know how to save money, then again the web has the answer.

The same goes for improving your interior design. If you’re stuck for ideas that you can use to improve the look of your property and to get more from it, then the internet very likely has the answer and might well be the perfect source of inspiration. Here we will look at why so many people love using the web that way, and how you can greatly improve your décor through it.

Social Sites

When it comes to finding ideas for your interior design, you’re in luck. Fortunately people just love sharing their interior designs online when they’re proud of them… almost as much as people love looking for them.

This would be why there are entire communities built around people showing off their rooms and finding examples that they love. This is actually something of a phenomenon in fact, and if you type the right phrase into Google you’ll find a ton of resources of jaw-dropping interior designs and properties. Reddit is a particularly good place to find great pictures of rooms (there are whole ‘subreddits’ dedicated to the topic), and so too is Instagram. There are also several Twitter accounts which regularly updates with impressive looking designs. If you’re looking for a specific type of décor (i.e. inspiration for a particular room) then you can prefix the search term. If it’s a computer desk you want try searching for ‘battle stations’, but be prepared to fee highly envious if you have any nerd tendencies.

Now it’s important to remember that these rooms are often going to be the rooms of people who are very wealthy/possibly professional interior designers. The point is, that you possibly won’t emulate quite their success unless you also have a lot of resources. That doesn’t make the inspiration useless though, instead you should try to find elements of the designs that you appreciate and can utilize yourself, or you should find ways to emulate the look and feel of the space if not the precise details.

Life Hacks

Life hacks are also a good source of inspiration if you’re the sort of person who enjoys being creative with your interior designs. There are hundreds of life hacks that revolve around using clever techniques in order to improve your room with discarded toilet rolls for instance, or with things like coasters or old picture frames. Again Instagram is a great place to find these sorts of ideas.

When it comes to actually learning how to implement some of these more impressive and technical feats of DIY, you can next turn to YouTube. YouTube is full of tutorials showing how to build things yourself or how to repurpose old items – so take a look around!


Note too that the web also provides access to a lot of cheap shopping when it comes to buying furniture. You can find crockery, ornaments, furniture,wood wine racks,gadgets, lighting and all kinds of other features by shopping online and this way you can save money and increase your options. Browsing is also just a great way to get inspiration.


Finally, remember that if you’re looking for specific ideas, you can always approach a community online and try just asking them. Normally you’ll find people are more than happy to point you towards a resource or to suggest ideas. Then just make sure you give back by sharing your own designs!

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