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Inside Vape Pens: How Do They Work?

Vape pens are gathering a lot of popularity nowadays and have become one of the most successful products in a very short period of time. They come with a lot of financial and health benefits. So how do these healthy pens work?

But before that, you need to know that basically three distinct types of vape pens are present in the market. They are dry herb vape Pens, wax burning vape pens, eTobacco juice vape pens. Pax 2 vaporizer is one of the latest and the most popular dry herb vape pens in the market currently. The common element amongst all these pens is that that they run on similar batteries. So if you like many different types of vaporizer pens, you just need to carry a single battery with favourite pen tops. But one thing to remember is that the base of every vape pen is designed uniquely for the pen top that comes with it.

So let’s see how the different types of vape pens work:

Dry Herb Vaporizer Pen

Dry herb pens like the Pax 2 vaporizer have a coil (the heating element) attached to their base, when energy is supplied to the coil by the battery, the coil heats up, allowing the dry herb to heat and vaporize. The chamber is the next part where the herbs are filled. Finally, these pens sport a mouthpiece through which you can breathe the vapors in. All the other parts of these pens, if any, are just for aesthetic reasons.

eTobacco Juice Vaporizer Pen

The first part of the eTobacco juice vape pen is the coil, the heating element. There is an area surrounding the coil where you need to pour the juice into the pen. The battery charges up and heats the coil, which then heats the wick that soaks the juice. The coil vaporizes the eTobacco juice slowly after getting heated and the flavour and nicotine is released. These pens also have a mouthpiece so that you can inhale the vapours safely.

Wax Burning Vaporizer Pen

These vape pens also come with a coil, though they are a little different from the other pens. The coils in these pens are shaped like a bowl, allowing you to directly load them wax into the coil, thus a separate storage chamber isn’t required. Then comes a combustion chamber that is just an empty space which allows the vapour, before it is inhaled, to cool; so the larger this chamber is, the better the hit will be. Finally comes the mouthpiece for inhaling purposes.

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