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Introducing An Arsenal Of 5 Great Android Apps To Help You Out At Home

I’m sure you’ve been busy enjoying summer this year, but since it’s nearly over it might be a good idea to think of some ways you can improve your home now that you have more time on your hands. Here is a great arsenal of apps to get you started and you should look through them carefully.

House Plans

Before you start any big renovation project at home be sure to download the House Plans app because it’s worthwhile looking through it before you do anything. This is because you might end up realizing you could have made your home look much more attractive further down the line. There is nothing like looking at amazing house plans to get your imagination buzzing. That will happen as soon as you start looking through the app, which is conveniently split up into different categories.

Pro Landscape Companion

If your home doesn’t look great on the outside everyone is going to think it looks terrible on the inside too. Even if you don’t care what other people think I’m sure you still want your garden to be as attractive as possible because it will add a finishing touch to your home. Once you’ve downloaded the Pro Landscape Companion app you will be able to map out your perfect garden including all the flowers, trees, shrubs, ponds, and anything else you want to put in it.

iHandy Level

There is nothing more annoying than walking into your living room and noticing one of your photo frames or paintings leaning to one side. When you try to get them as straight as possible on your own it takes a lot of work and sometimes you’ll never get it right. The only real way to ensure everything is level is by using a spirit meter, but instead of needing to buy a physical one you can download this app and you’ll be able to make sure everything is straight using your phone.

Bathroom Renovation Ideas

If I asked you what you wanted to do with your bathroom would you have any idea where to start? You can always buy new things to replace the old ones, but bathroom renovations give you a chance to start from scratch. If you’d like your bathroom to look completely different and much better than the one you have at the moment you’ll need ideas. There is no easier way to get those ideas than downloading this app and browsing through the catalog of photos to pluck out your favorite ones.

Homesnap Real Estate

Eventually you’ll decide to throw in the towel and you should prepare yourself before that time comes. Most people will move home a number of times these days, so it’s always helpful to stay on the lookout for other places to stay. When you come across a neighborhood you like the look of you can snap a photo of any home and the app will tell you how much it’s worth, plus you’ll find out what other homes in the area are worth and you will also get a lot of detailed info about the neighborhood.

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