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Mobile Shredding Trucks Are Tough Enough For All Of Your Data

While individual identity theft is a continually growing crime, it is the successful business that is especially at risk of theft and data breaches. Open up the news and you’ll see the long list of big (and little) corporations who have been victims of these crimes, the cost of which jeopardizes their client’s important information and the business good brand name. For those thriving businesses in the GTA, it’s imperative that they add a document destruction service to their payroll.

As a small business owner in Oakville, you know that you can accumulate plenty of documents with sensitive information. Paper and digital files that contain names, contact information, and account numbers can’t simply be thrown away. Should someone with the wherewithal to find your garbage and use these figures to open false accounts, you can be held legally responsible. While expensive fines for breaking the law can upset your fiscal year, it’s the damage to your brand name – that clients, after a breach, cannot trust – that you can’t afford.

By hiring a document destruction service to manage your confidential material, you can assure sensitive information will stay out of criminal’s hands. A document destruction service uses the most advanced mobile shredding trucks, so that they can completely obliterate the information with no hopes of retrieval. And by virtue of being mobile, you never have to worry about your sensitive material while in transit. Their services include arriving at your company’s door, destroying your documents under your watchful eye, and then driving the destroyed material to a recycling plant. Only their bonded team members (officially trained and certified to work with confidential documents) will have access to your documents.

Depending on your size, you might not need a regularly scheduled appointment with these mobile shredding companies. The best paper shredding companies in Oakville will offer a variety of services to accommodate any size enterprise. You should only commit with the document destruction service that can offer one-time, purge, or scheduled shredding that fits your calendar and your document load. They should also be prepared to offer secure containers should you need to go a long time in between their visits, to ensure any confidential material you collect in the interim is safely kept away from prying eyes.

As more and more of your business goes digital, it’s also important to ensure that the company you choose can accommodate your growing collection of digital media that needs to be destroyed. Hard drives, computers, memory sticks, and other pieces of technology that hold client and company information should be destroyed in the same manner as your paper documents. The mobile shredding trucks should be able to completely annihilate them.

When you use a mobile shredding service for your paper and electronic data destruction needs, you can make sure your business stays within the law and safe from data breaches. Hire a document destruction company that you can trust to deliver bonded and friendly technicians to completely and irreparably destroy your sensitive information.

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