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Tips And Tricks To Optimize The Software Of Your WiFi Security Cameras

WiFi security cameras are nifty little devices, especially since an IP surveillance system can cover a wide area without having to fill the entire place up with cables. You can even access the security feed on any device capable of opening up a web browser!

The software running inside and alongside the cameras, though, plays a key role in the reliability of the whole WiFi security camera system. These tips will help you safely and effectively make the most of the ‘brains’ poweringyour WiFi security camera:

Look For Models With Strong Wireless Security Protocols

WiFi Protected Access II (WPA2) does a pretty good job at encrypting the video feed from a wireless surveillance camera. It will take a lot of effort for a hacker to force through the encryption protocols – unless they can guess your password. This is why it is imperative that you not only guard the password as best as you can but to come up with one that will be very difficult for unauthorized individuals to guess.

Look For A Camera With Tiered Access Levels

If you expect to share the video feed of your WiFi security camera with others, you may want to get a model that allows for multiple accounts with varying degrees of control. An administrator account (yours) could have full access to the camera, while other accounts can view the feed but can’t change passwords or check in at certain times of the day.

Check If Your Camera Logs In Securely Into Your Browser

If you plan to log into a browser to view the feed from your WiFi security camera, then make sure that the link reads httpsand not http. The former option – https – means that the log-in page for the digital camera is encrypted and can only be properly viewed with a password. A log-in page using only http, however, means that anyone with Internet access can easily view the feed without a password if they know how to work around Internet protocol.

Find Out When Firmware Updates Are Released By The Manufacturer

Bugs and vulnerabilities in the software that runs many standalone IP cameras can (and often do) show up over time. Manufacturers release firmware updates that solve these problem, but few WiFi cameras automatically download and install these updates on their own. You will often have to do this yourself manually, so sign up for a newsletter or bookmark the website of the manufacturer to know when they release software updates for your model.

Download Apps Only From Legitimate Sources

Some WiFi security camera models come with companion apps that are designed to make it easier to access their video feeds on phones or tablets. These are indeed useful, but you need to be careful where you get them from. Some hackers modify apps to give them access when you install and run them on your device. This is why you need to download companion apps from legitimate sources, like the Google Play Store, the iTunes store or the manufacturer’s official website.

Avoid Storing Usernames And Passwords

If anyone gets their hands on your computer or device, then any saved usernames and passwords will allow them to view the feed without your knowledge. This is why you need to log out and uncheck the “remember me” option in your devices. Doing so will make it much, much harder for the random passerby to hijack your log-in details when you’re not watching your devices.

Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be able to better protect and update the software that runs your WiFi security camera in the first place!

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