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Top 3 Salesforce Tutorials To Help You Learn From Scratch

Everybody can benefit from Salesforce training from the sales managers to junior employees. However, for the training to be effective, it is critical that it is offered on an easy-to-use platform that is flexible. The following are the top Salesforce tutorials that will help you advance your skills and strategies.

  1. WalkMe for Salesforce

This simplifies use of Salesforce by providing systematic guidance via interactive balloons overlaid on the screen. The implication of this is that as a learner you never have to leave Salesforce to get instruction.  Both standard and custom tasks are broken down into simple, short instructions. WalkMe has a reputation of enhancing speed and efficiency since it uses content-aware intelligent design to identify patterns of obfuscation and inefficiency. It subsequently recommends better options and provides guidance to you through several operations for completing your goal.

The results are lower training costs, in-work performance support, shorter learning curves, and shorter Salesforce training times. The system also monitors and tracks user performance and provides for continuous learning along with retention of knowledge.

  1. Udemy Tutorials

Whether you are new to computers or an experienced programmer Udemy will give you a chance to learn Salesforce at your own pace step by step. Some courses included cover both developer and admin parts among them topics including Objects, Profiles, Triggers, Controllers, Workflows, App, Apex, etc.

After you have subscribed you will get over 8 hours worth of content in over 50 tutorials. The best thing about the course is that it does have a 30-day money back guarantee with lifetime access to Salesforce video tutorials. You can access it on through  your iOS device, Android device, or Desktop.

The Udemy curriculum is divided into 4 sections namely:

  • Salesforce administration
  • Salesforce programming
  • Salesforce help desk
  • Practice questions for certification
  1. Simplilearn Tutorials

Simplilearn training involves a wide array of features, applications, and functions necessary to improve Salesforce implementation. The training also provides management and configuration options for certified administrators that are available across collaboration services and clouds. Every Salesforce tutorial provides a good understanding of this platform as well as the strategic optimization of its applications.

The primary role of the training is to inculcate the necessary skill set for developing customized applications and analytics using the platform’s declarative features. The training will equip learners with the ability to identify business logic, UI design, data models, and customize applications. The certification will help you to understand the value of revenue and sales forecasts that gives you a competitive edge. The complete tutorials recommend a combination of Developer and Administrator courses both of which you can undertake through the Season Pass module.

Conclusion for Salesforce Tutorials

What does Salesforce training entail? Acquiring the appropriate training can help companies improve their operations rapidly. It can help you mark a huge milestone in your growth path. However, considering that resources are tight in many organizations, it is important that you adopt a tutorial that is flexible and highly effective. The three Salesforce tutorials discussed in this article offer an amazing training package for all.

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