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Top 5 Reasons why Spree Commerce is the Best E-Commerce Platform

Online Business has grown to a large extent in the recent years as ecommerce sales are projected to touch $1 .5 trillion by 2016 globally and North America and Asia Pacific regions are the most contributing ones as of now with over 70% sales coming from these regions. With the online sales booming like never before, so has the launch of new ecommerce platforms every day. Every other newly launched platform comes packed with new and new features, that it is very challenging for someone who’s about to start his online business, but left in the cross roads when comes choosing the best platform. Based on our experience in developing large e-commerce websites and having used a lot of ecommerce platforms for building those stores, we understood that Spree Commerce fits the bill as one of the leading Ecommerce platform available right now. With superior spree developer contributing the development of spree commerce, more and more online stores are migrating to spree commerce.

1. Spree Commerce Scalability Factor

In the beginning, your online store sees less traffic and once the popularity grows and when you add more and more products, there will be more hits to your website, and your website or online store should be built to handle those traffic without adding additional hardware or searching for a spree developer. Spree commerce does a brilliant job in monitoring and managing scalability.

2. Search Capability

Searching Products is one of the major activities made by a user in any online store to find the best product he intends to buy. So the search ability should be quick and correct, or else the customer will leave the website. Spree commerce provides API’s to integrate highly popular search engine platforms to your online stores. Integration of an API cannot be done by yourself, as you need to search for a spree developer to do it.

3. Integration Abilities

One of the important aspects of any ecommerce platform is the ability to integrate the online store with many third party applications to meet a lot of your business requirements. For (ex), Customer Analytics can be better performed by integrating Google Analytics, and if that option is not provided in the platform, then you’ll be deprived of using the best analytical engines to analyse the user behaviour. The Spree Integrator feature allows your store to connect third party services.

4. Built Using Ruby on Rails

Since Spree Commerce has been built over Ruby on Rails, one of the most popular and ever used frameworks, this allows any Spree developer proficient in Ruby on Rails to develop, customize and modify your online store easily.

5. Responsive Factor

Statistics show that around 50% of business comes to any popular online store through mobile purchase. So if you are beginning an online store, you need to choose an ecommerce platform that does the job diligently without need to hire a spree developer after you built the site. Spree Commerce in its later versions, has enabled features that will automatically create a responsive store for you.

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