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Top Android Apps for Passing Time When You’re Ill or Injured

If you’re currently confined to your quarters due to an illness or an injury, then there’s a good chance that you’ve been feeling stir crazy and bored through lack of activity. This is especially true if you’re normally very busy with work, or if you’re a naturally active and athletic type – in which case you might well be going somewhat out of your mind at not being able to burn off energy.

Fortunately though this is the digital age and there are plenty of things you can do with yourself these days without having to leave the house at all. In fact you don’t even need a computer – if you have an Android phone or tablet then there are enough apps out there to keep you entertained for hours and to provide you with some pretty fulfilling experiences actually. So make a note of these apps and you should find boredom and cabin fever are a little less of a problem…

Reicast: Reicast is a rather impressive feat for a mobile phone – it’s a fully functional Dreamcast emulator that allows you to play all of the old Dreamcast games such as Sonic Adventure, Shenmue and Ecco the Dolphin. These being console games on one of the most celebrated consoles of all time, they’ll provide you with a much more engaging experience compared with the ‘throwaway’ fun of most mobile games. There are just two caveats to bear in mind: the first being that you will need a device with a fair amount of horsepower in order to run the games at a decent framerate, the second being that you need to own copies of the original discs in order to play those games legally. If you have a really powerful device meanwhile you could even try Dolphin – a Gamecube and Wii emulator. And if you’re a techy type then you may just enjoy the experience of trying to get it to work in itself.

RjDj: To play this one you’ll have to take a look around the web to download the APK as you can’t buy it on the PlayStore. Once you try it though you’ll be glad you put in the time to find it, as it transforms your surroundings into an incredible ‘soundscape’ by recording and warping the ambient noise around you. It feels like experiencing some strange kind of dreamland and is one of the most novel examples of augmented reality yet.

Don’t Look Back: As mobile games go, ‘Don’t Look Back’ is one of the most moving, engaging and artistic you’ll find on the Play Store. This is essentially a minimalistic pixelated platform game that has you shooting bats and other creatures as you progress deeper into a cave. What sets the game apart though is the story that emerges and that is told entirely through the gameplay and the pixelated graphics. There’s a twist at the end that’s actually very moving and that will stay with you for a while after you’ve played.

DosBox: If you have fond memories of old computers, then DosBox might just provide you with the ideal trip down memory lane. This is an emulator for MsDos which gives you the familiar black and white command prompt alongside the ability to run old games and software. Want to load up QBasic? Or Jazz Jackrabbit? No problem – and you can even load Windows 95 on there if you’re feeling ambitious and get software like Paint and even PhotoShop Pro working on your mobile device. Again this is a great one for techies to play around with!

AIDE: AIDE is an IDE for Android that lets you program in Java and test the results right on your mobile phone or tablet. This is in many ways quicker and more user friendly than programming on a PC and it’s a great way to learn if you want to try your hand at building apps. If you’ve got the time and you’re stuck in bed or a wheelchair then why not give it a go?

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