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Top Technologies That Will Have a Big Impact on Driving

Technology is moving at an unprecedented rate and it seems like every few years incredible new devices are becoming a part of our everyday lives. While we might not always notice just how far things have come, the internet alone has had such an incredible impact on the world as to seem like science fiction only a decade or two ago.

By and large though, cars don’t seem to have changed all that much. While we now have better features like air conditioning and GPS built-in, they are nevertheless very similar in terms of their size, shape and function as they always have been.

But will this change over the next few decades? Could the technology that’s on the way finally alter the very way we drive? Let’s take a look…

Video/Image Analysis

One of the most important technologies in development at the moment is video analysis. Already this technology has allowed for many of the incredible innovations we have today – such as the Xbox Kinect, face recognition in Facebook and even self-parking cars. In the future though, we can expect video analysis to become even more advanced as computers are able to look at any scene and know exactly what they’re seeing.

This could have huge implications for driving. As mentioned, it’s already made self-parking cars possible and Google are already using it in their entirely self-driving cars. In the future, video analysis along with extra on-board sensors could be used to completely prevent accidents by forcing your car to brake (things like this already exist), to unlock the car when you approach and to make self-driving completely mundane and ‘every day’.

Obvious? Then imagine this: a camera pointed at the road that would be able to analyze bumps and dips in the terrain and then alter the air lift suspension accordingly creating a completely smooth ride!

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality means digital information overlaid on top of the real world. Think of being able to look through a pair of glass and see arrows on the street telling you which way to go. Or being able to look at a shop window and see all of the deals and offers listed right on the window. That’s augmented reality.

Combine augmented reality with video analysis and this could have some amazing implications for driving. For instance, you might one day see a world where turn-by-turn navigation appears as arrows on the road that help you to see where you need to go without looking up from the windshield. Likewise, you might see what’s in front of you digitally recreated and illuminated for better visibility, or you might even see hazards and potential risks highlighted in red on the windshield.

Green Energy

Of course at the moment what everyone is clamoring to develop is a viable car that’s powered by anything other than fossil fuels. Electric cars developed by the likes of Tesla Motors have garnered a lot of interest but there’s a good chance that these won’t be the future of cars.

Other vehicles exist for example that rely on water instead of electricity to run and this is potentially much more affordable and practical. Perhaps though it will be something completely different that ends up powering our cars?

Virtual Reality

How might virtual reality change the way we drive cars you ask? It’s more likely to change the way we learn to drive cars – by allowing us to completely experience the feeling of driving in order to practice from our own homes. And for those who can already drive, this might allow you to experience other vehicles or even what it might be like to drive on the moon. If this could be combined with a strong enough connection, you could even use virtual reality in order to remotely drive your own car. Imagine being able to pick the kids up from school without having to leave your house!

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