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Using Technology at Your Venue

When most people think about the day to day operations at a bar or nightclub, technology is usually the last thing that enters their mind. The entire basis of going to a club to grab a drink is a very analog notion, but technology has drastically changed the way we socialize and enjoy a night on the town. If you own a bar or nightclub, then chances are that you’ve been in the business for a while and have grown accustomed to doing things the same way every time. However, by adding some technological benefits throughout your venue, you can increase sales, better track your expenses, and make the experience better for each of your patrons. Here are some ways that using technology at your venue can make your business run much smoother.

Point of Sale System

This one should have been implemented years ago if you are still in business, but you’d be surprised at how often I still see push-button style cash register ringing up drinks. Sure, almost all of these cash registers will have a credit card machine sitting next to them; but that’s only useful for accepting a payment. With an electronic point of sale system, you can keep track of drink sales, see what drinks are trending in your venue, and keep bar tabs open without holding onto a stack of credit cards behind the bar. If you aren’t setup with an electronic point of sale system at your venue, then that’s the very first thing you need to address.


This one goes hand-in-hand with your point of sale system, but the advantages are probably even more impactful on your bottom line. Having the ability to track your inventory digitally will help you control your liquor costs, eliminate waste and theft, and also help you accurately predict quantities for your next shipment. Sure, you could use the pen and paper method, but that’s not very accurate and will leave blisters on your fingers over time.

Pre-Sale Tickets

When you have big acts come through your bar or nightclub, you probably charge a cover at the door or sell some sort of ticket. This is not only to earn extra revenues, but also to control the number of people in your club at any given time. By offering pre-sale tickets on your website, you can more accurately predict your capacity threshold and also increase the number of people who come to your event. Most people hate changing that they’ll get tickets at the door, so you’ll see an instant increase in interest.

LED Bottle Sparklers

Most of what we’ve discussed is technology to make your venue easier to operate for both you and your guests, but there are things you can do with your supplies that will save you money and make the customer experience better. If you offer bottle service like most clubs do, you probably buy wholesale bottle sparklers to attach to your bottles before they’re brought out to the tables. Consider using LED bottle sparklers instead to save money and increase the safety of your patrons. LED bottle sparklers can be used over and over again, so you won’t need to keep reordering them every single month.

There are many other ways to use technology to increase the quality of your venue, and new things are coming to the market all the time. Just keep your eyes and ears open to the latest technology and never fear staying on the forefront of the latest technology that can be implemented in your venue.

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