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VPS hosting vs. Cloud hosting: A Better Price or More Resources?

Many people get confused when they face the variety of hosting types for the first time. Which one should I pick? What is the difference? This is what you are probably asking yourself and desperately searching for answers on Google. Don’t worry!Let’s review Cloud and VPS hosting – compare and list their specifications.

Price Difference

A VPS hostingis cheaper than a cloud hosting. If you decide to use VPS you are definitely going to save money, as it might be really cheap, starting from 3 dollars or less, while a cloud server could reach 12 dollars or more. The price differs because cloud hosting is considered to be more secure and provides way much more features. However, both of them have their own specifications and advantages to consider.

Server Setup

A VPS is hosted on a physical server which is used by many other users. However, the resources are distributed for every single one of them separately and everyone has a limited amount to use. Even though the virtualization software divides all these users from each other, you are still able to get affected by them – experience slow-downs and other disturbances.

Therefore Cloud hosting distributes resources across multiple physical servers. If any singleserver suffers failure of any kind, your datais automatically transferred to another server.

Security and Control

Comparing VPS server with shared hosting, a VPS obviously provides a customer with way much better security. VPS, talking from the security perspective, reminds a dedicated server as it is isolated from other users. When we talk about shared hosting, its security already decreases because of the fact that the resources are accessible for everybody that usesit.

However, VPS security is not as high as on the Cloud.The Cloud distributes all its data in the virtual space on different servers and even though one of them might experience some failures or have performance issues, all the information and data still remains being on the cloud as it has the ability to disperse data among multiple physical servers. However, a VPS c is created on a single physical server. So it is not secured from a variety of threats and possible interferences as the data cannot be moved to other physical servers. Furthermore, with a private cloud server you get full control of your server. However, have in mind that cloud management might require rather good IT skills.

Furthermore, both of the hosting typeshave their own specifications and both of them can be adapted according different situations and different needs.For instance, you might choose cloud hosting if you are looking for a great security, while VPS is more for those, who are looking for affordable hosting options. Think of what your requirements are and what you are actually able to get. You will see your decision becoming clearer than ever.

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