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What Wikipedia Backlinks Can Do for your SEO Efforts

Backlinks are incoming links to a site or web page. They are a significant part of search engine optimization as search engines gauge a site’s popularity with some quality external links in the site. Links that come from high authority websites can influence search engine rankings. Internet markets often look for options in order to have quality backlinks from sites with great domain authority.  As backlinks is an important part of any quality SEO strategy, it is essential to build quality backlinks during an internet marketing campaign. You can learn more about this at .

Why Wikipedia Backlinks are Useful

Wikipedia is a famous authoritative site on the web. Backlinks obtained from reputed websites like Wikipedia will have an impact on a site’s rankings in search engines. Wikipedia backlinks are “No Follow” backlinks, thus, they will not give link juices to a site. While “No Follow” backlinks tend not to add to any link juice, they can impact SEO. These links are helpful in driving a number of direct traffic to your site.

Getting Wikipedia Backlinks

It is important to look for some wiki which a site can have its links on. They need to be related to a site’s content and the links must add value to the wiki. Join as an editor at Wikipedia. Spend time editing Wikipedia content and help Wiki in maintaining its content.  Make sure you do the editing religiously. It must be accurate so you can keep your position. Keep in mind that other editors from Wiki will be watching you and in case they suspect wrongdoings, they will have you reported.


Choose Wiki articles with the scope for you so you can add additional information to it. Carry out serious research for information which you can offer to that page and make sure that you present the content well. You have the option to mention reliable sources while you offer information to some Wiki pages. After developing a trusted history in Wikipedia, you can start adding your links on pages which have content that is relevant to your services or products. Rather than posting links from the first day you join Wikipedia, work on contributing for them and then develop some trust. Never spam on Wiki. Make sure that you read the posting guidelines before you add your links.

Wikipedia is the internet’s sixth most famous website. Therefore, a link on related Wikipedia page is essential for the quality SEO of your website. Your Wikipedia links will tell Google that your website is an authority site that offers related information on a certain topic.


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