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Where are your favourite footballers now?

Are you a sports fan? Do you ever wonder where you favourite sports footballers from a number of different teams are today? Well we did so we took a look and found out what they have been up to after football some may even surprise you.

Frank Lebouef:

The French man who used to play defence for Chelsea and was a World Cup winner decided to retire from playing after spending two seasons with Qatar. Since he retired he has done a number of things in America which involved acting, anything from films or stage performances he has given it a shot!

Gavin Peacock:

This midfielder gave up a career in football after 18 years so we can’t really blame him. After he retired he started a career within the BBC where he provided analysis across their football shows on TV and Radio some of these shows were very popular one of them was Match of the Day! However in 2008 he went on to cause further shock to his fans by announcing his retirement from media and the BBC to become a pastor in Canada.

Ruud Gullit:

The Dutch footballer ended his football career in 1995 while he was playing for Chelsea. After retiring from his defender position he stayed in football by going on to become a football manager and managed a number of teams from Newcastle United to Feyenoord.

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